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Personal Information
Name: Ruka
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Character Information
Character Name: Monday
Fandom: Keys to the Kingdom
Source: Overview of the plot.

Character History:

In Monday's universe, all worlds exist as Secondary Realms; at the center of the Secondary Realms is the House, where Denizens reside (including himself). Millions of years ago, the House and the universe were created by the Architect. She produced three half-mortal children (the Piper, Lord Sunday and the Mariner) as well as countless Denizens - six of which would become the Trustees along with Lord Sunday - and then disappeared some time after that, leaving her 'children' to fend for themselves. In place of her authority, she left the Will - living instructions that, when brought together, would be able (and were willing) to end the universe.

Naturally, the seven beings that were fated to become the Morrow Days were incredibly displeased with this turn of events, and split the Will into seven pieces, each of them guarding a piece. However, the Will corroded their minds, twisting them into tormented, hollow shells of what they once were; each became ruled by a base desire that corresponded with one of the seven sins.

Monday was one of those Trustees, doomed by his defiance; his original personality was buried under the changes wrought to him by the first part of the Will, and he was forced to take on the sin of Sloth. He grew lazy and wrathful, unwilling to be disturbed, and by the time the series starts his altered personality is obviously in full swing.

He is responsible, through the Will's manipulation, for dragging Arthur Penhaligon into the mess that will eventually lead to his rebirth as the new Architect by giving him the minute hand of the First Key. Hunted by Monday's minions in order to get the weaker half of the Key back, Arthur is forced to fight his way through the Lower House and ultimately duel Monday himself to unwillingly claim the First Key. Showing mercy to his defeated enemy, he heals Monday instead of doing as the Will encourages and killing him, returning the Denizen to his former self.

And then in that nebulous period between getting healed and getting murdered, Monday was pulled into Nautilus. He puttered around for a while and was vaguely confused, suffering from memory problems; he made plenty of friends - or at least allies - in his initial approach.

He visited his world and came back with a sword through his chest, one of his pseudo-children arrived and he fought Isis with everyone else (suffering the loss of aforementioned ward in the process) - working to rid Nautilus of her influence - before undergoing another journey back and finding that his entire world had been obliterated and imperfectly recreated.

He came back and quietly continued on with his life in Nautilus, aiding in fixing several problems (including the barrier around the Heart of Nautilus being disrupted); Noon eventually went back to Sleep, and he followed suit some time after.

Aaaand then he came back again after presumably bebopping around in limbo and seeing how reconstruction of the House was going! So, yep. Sure is eventful up in here.

Character Personality: It could be argued that Monday is the most passive of the seven Trustees, and on first glance, it certainly seems to be so. Quiet, peaceful and placid, he is more prone to daydreaming and quiet contemplation than immediate action, and least prone to argumentative or aggressive use of force. When roused, however, he can be a force to be reckoned with - in recent years, his rage is something that has bubbled closer to the surface, thanks to the part of the Will he holds, but he's since recovered from its influence after being healed.

Calm, intelligent and amiable, he suited his former role as record-keeper and pencil-pusher of the House quite well before the Will's influence seeped in; in his younger years, if they can be called that, he took more of an active role in furthering the knowledge of his domain and widening his own spheres of experience, befriending all manner of species in his curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Nowadays, he's calmed down a little, though he's still brazenly curious about things he hasn't yet witnessed before - mostly new machinery.

Arguably the most friendly of the seven once he was cured, he's cheerful enough in an understated way, though he's grown more melancholy since his death; bearing grudges is something he finds hard and undesirable (though he still has a chip on his shoulder against Saturday and the Architect) and he enjoys making friends, when he can. His friendliness and laid-back nature shouldn't be mistaken for weakness, however - he certainly has steel in him, and enough learned morals to stand up for what he believes is right. His sense of humor is usually good-natured, but tends towards the morbid at times due to his affinity with time (and therefore death, or at least the eventual expiration of basically everything).

However, he is all too aware of the limited lifespans of mortals, and can be more than a little distant towards them. That's not all; as a pure Denizen, he was created with only a limited span of what could roughly be called 'humanity', and feels disconnected with the world at large - no matter how much information he might collect about how mortals function, he still feels out of place. His ability to adapt is stunted at best, and almost nonexistent at worst; though he has a better chance of improving it due to his elevated status, change is still a difficult path for him to take. Empathy, too, is something that is difficult for him, despite his friendliness and his desires to spend his time in the company of others; he still has trouble understanding why many things are upsetting, due to his position as an arbiter of time. Death is inevitable, change is inevitable; everything flows, and everything falls eventually. Even after millions of years and plenty of experience in mortal worlds, he still has difficulty adjusting and emphasising with others when individuals close to them die, precious things are destroyed, or other things change over time.

However, his time in Nautilus has changed that. With his will to change, and the city's malleability, he's become more human. He's developed a talent for sympathy and empathy, possibly unique among his own 'species', and experiencing loss on a personal scale has changed his opinion somewhat on what loss means to mortals. While he still has emotional limits because of the way he was created, even that may change, if he's left long enough. As he is now, he's remarkably close to human, and finds it much easier to adapt to new situations and scenarios than others of his species.

Powers and Abilities:

Accomplished Bender. Possesses a set of wings that have fused with his shoulderblades, allowing him to fly. Able to craft from Nothing. Ability to fix time-based machinery and instinctively discern different 'timezones' between worlds; accomplished at using writing-based spellcraft and is an amateur swordsman. Extensive knowledge of languages living and dead due to his job as a record-keeper.


Goodness. [ the camera tilts here and there as he stares into it curiously. ] It's been a long time, hasn't it? I wonder if my house is still intact.

Everything seems the same, in any case. I've almost forgotten how to work this communicator, actually... [ he's rambling. he seems to realise this, and gathers himself with a sheepish smile. ]

Er, hello, everyone! My name is Monday, for lack of any other name I can recall! I was here quite a long time ago. No doubt there have been plenty of new arrivals - so, welcome, I suppose! Hopefully there's still some people I know around.

Well, that's all, I think. I should probably go and do another walking tour to familiarise myself with Nautilus again.

Third Person:

He had an extensive vocabulary. If he could find any word to describe his current state of being, this would be it:

Boring. Or dull, or lifeless, or any other synonym he could possibly think (a lot of them) of in any language he could recall (a lot of them). After the life and colour of his previous residence, he wasn't so much upset as generally apathetic. Any emotion had lost its novelty after the first long stretch of time.

There wasn't really any time in this place, and that just made it even duller. He missed sound, and light. He missed being alive, too, but that was probably asking a little too much. If he returned to Nautilus, it would happen; there was nothing he could do about it to alter the course of what could loosely be considered his fate.

Still, it was incredibly boring. All he could do was watch the reconstruction of the House, and even then he couldn't get too close to that. The ghosts of the past didn't belong in the future, after all; that was how the stories went. And stories were important.

He took refuge in his own memories, indulging himself in dreams and dreaming; watching his own recollections going by like a movie reel, a distant echo of what he'd once had. It hurt, but the pain was all right. It reminded him of who he was, or rather - what he'd become, and what he was determined to hold onto, if nothing else.

It would be an understatement to say he was surprised to find himself - quite suddenly- wandering a place he'd familiarised himself with a long time ago, blue tiles underfoot and odd sky overhead, wings flapping lazily and heavy on his back. The world was full of sensation again, and he was alive.

It would have been an understatement to say that he was delighted, too.

EDIT: History section fixed.
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1x journal
1x sword, shaped like a clock hand. Very sharp.
1x packet of ballpoint pens
1x book of spells in unknown language (probably a House dialect)
1x antique pocketwatch.
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Player Information

Name: Ruka
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Contact Info: RukaCactus @ AIM
Other Characters Played: Mami Tomoe (AU)

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